lindwell_rainix (lindwell_rainix) wrote in canciones,

jealously le quite la parte en japones aunque no creo que les importe

I'm looking for you
Trying to reach your roses
Carried away by the time

You've gone away
From the stage
Leaving no words
There's just fake tears left

I'm blind insane
In the red of silence
Now I've lost your love

Get me on my feet
Get me back to myself
Pretend you love me

Mou taekirenai kodoku no serenade
kyozou no umi ni nagashite
yume kara sameta chimamire no tenshi o
mune ni daitemo
I can not stop

Silent Jealousy
Don't you leave me alone

Tell me true I still want your love

"I just wanted to stay with you
I just wanted to feel your breath of grace
I didn't know what to do
I couldn't say anything
When consciousness returned
Everything had been washed away
by the tide of time, even you

But the scars of memory never fade away
I can't stop loving you
Stop my tears
Stop my loving
Kill my memories"

You dyed my heart in blood
No way to kill my sadness
tachisaru mae ni koroshite
kyouki no ai ni dakareta hitomi wa
nani mo mienai
ima mo I miss you
Can't live without you

Silent Jealousy
Stay in yesterday

Take me back to the memory, to the dream

Silent Jealousy
Don't you leave me alone
Kill me, Love
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